support to find the right way and do the things right

“If you want to be a leader, you have to walk behind the people” (Lao Tzu)

Finding the right people for the right way. Create Trust.

About us

    Business Motivator.
    Advice and active assistance.
    Market entrance.
    Germany, China, Hong Kong.
    Various industries experiences.
    Adapt strategies.
    Expand networks.
    20 years Asia projects.
    Business development.
    Marketing and Sales.
    Market research.
    Financials matching.
    China and Hongkong Partners.

Financials Matching

Strategic Partners

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Business Development

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Holger Neuendorf




3 elements mixed for the right way bridging continents:









 Team competence

   Team background  |  Germany and China  |

   |  Cross International  |
   Local Chinese experienced Teams and Advisors

   |  Business Development  |
   Tourism, Farming, Biotech, Energy Saving,
   Video Games, Mobile Phone Applications,
   Spirit Industry, Solar Technology, Waste Handling,
   Foil Printing, Education, Wellness, Food and others

   |  Sales  |
   International Sales for B2B and B2C markets

   |  Manufacturing  |
   Long term experience in OEM and Standards
   in Asia and Europe


|  Management  |

Directors of Australian Financial Services agency,

General Managers of Chinese manufacturing companies,

Directors of HK and Chinese Family Offices organization

Founders of Consulting agencies

General Managers of Investment Capital companies

   |  Marketing Manager  |
   Leader positions in International Brand

   |  Market research  |
   Advisor in International consulting company

   |  Financial services  |
   IPO projects China - Australia, on-site Due Dilligence
   projects in China, Investment, VC research
   matching, Business Angel activities, Start-up and

  |  Networks |
  Access to Investors, Party Members, Local Governments,
  Universities, Start-up and Seed Financing Companies,
  Chambers of Commerce