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I am a "man of economics".

Trade goods, advise companies on market development, motivate people, analyze structures, find strategies. Support the implementation.

After more than 30 years of professional life, I have understood many connections.

However, more questions remain unanswered. These were years of my personal development, of self-motivation.

Understanding the need for lifelong learning. There was the experience of being an employee.

Then the constant mastering of rapids and shoals as a entrepreneur.

This shaped me. As I mature, I look at and understand “economy” from a different perspective.

Priorities shift. People are at the center of my business.

My motivation is the pursuit of happiness, strength, life, wisdom - goal achievement.

Together with the people who realize projects with me.


Holger Neuendorf, Dipl.Kfm.



The bridge you can talk about is not the bridge you can walk on.





My basic mindset


economic understanding - trust - tackle

diversity of experiences - integrity 

international network - empathy

thinking beyond borders - charisma

spirit of discovery - reliability - hands-on entrepreneurship - creativty - humanity

Gentleman´s management philosophy


Does that sound good to you as the base for a joint project and cooperation? For me too. 



Step 1


Your company is looking for support on the following topics and challenges:


  • deployment of all kinds of products (B2B)
  • development of new markets
  • feasibility / implementation of outsourcing
  • GER vs. CHN strength mindset
  • investment partnership
  • strategic partnership
  • start-up support / business angel
  • sustainable projects
  • wellbeing economy


Step 2


3 elements open the way to bridge those challenges:










Step 3


Only 3 elements?


"The bridge you can talk about is not the bridge you can walk on...to bridge your challenges"



+ Element #4:

our service associates

the 3 elements


Let´s give our questions a chance:


Financial Partners

Strategic Partners

Business Development



GER vs. China Leadership

Production Processing

  Background  |  Experience profile | Holger Neuendorf

|  University |

Business Administration & Economics in Germany (Dipl.Kfm.)



  |  Cross International  |
   Member in Teams, as Advisor and Projects in GER, AUS, SGP, TWN, CHN, HKG (15 years)


   |  Business Development Industries  |
   Tourism, Farming, Biotech, Energy Saving, Financial Services,
   Video Games, Mobile Phone Applications,
   Spirit Industry, Solar Technology, Waste Handling,
   Foil Printing, Education, Wellness, Food, Gifts and others


   |  Sales  |
   International Sales for B2B and B2C markets (35 years)


   |  Customized Manufacturing & Outsourcing  |
   with Factories in Asia and Europe (25 years)



   |  Import & Export - Trading  |
   Clients SME and large Corporations (25 years)



|  Management  |

Various positions as a Director & Founder in SME (30 years)


   |  Marketing Manager  |
   Leader positions in International Brand companies (6 years)


   |  Market Research  |
  Advisor in International consulting company (5 years)


   |  Financial Services  |
   IPO projects China Australia Germany, On-site Due Diligence
   projects in China, Fund Administration (10 years)


  |  Start-up Support  |
  Bavarian Start-up network, Investor matching, Business Angel activities (3 years)


  |  Networks |
  Access to Investors and Funds, Local Governments,
  Universities, Start-up and Seed Financing Companies,
  Chambers of Commerce, Business Council